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Dongguan Dual Conc. taping Line w/ cat.,20" Traversing Take up.(Qty 2)

Product Code:TPR389

Manufacturer:Dongguan Qing Feng Electrical Machine

Location: Attleboro, Massachusetts

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Dongguan Qing Feng Electrical Machine Dual Concentric Taping Line
Inlet 0.4mm-6mm
Finish OD 0.8mm-8mm
Taper Rotation 80-2200rpm
Centerline height 1000mm
400mm Dual Shaft Powered Payoff with Catenary Arm deadweight tensioning 50-500g
Load cell tension readout system  (.05-1Kg)
Dual Head Taper for traverse wound pad size up to 6” diameter
Pitch Range 1.5mm-12.5mmTape Tension range 150-500g
Electromagnetic tension with auto tracking
2 HP Motor/Drive
400mm Drain Wire Payoff dual shaft with static magnetic clutch tension control (10-500g)
Quartz Oven 50-200 degrees C
Proton OD Gauge
Caterpuller Capstan 480mm contact length, geared to 50mpm
400mm Traversing Reel Shaft Takeup, max load 200kg, 1 HP gear reducer motor and Yaskawa Drive
Computer Main control touchscreen
Siemens PLC
Yaskawa Drives


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