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Gretag MacBeth Spectrophotometer

Product Code:TST950

Manufacturer:Gretag MacBeth


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Gretag MacBeth Ci5 Spectrophotometer
Serial Number 45204910405, Year 2005
The Color i5 laboratory spectrophotometer is a mid-range spectrophotometer with an array of advanced product features to accurately measure a variety of samples.
Color i5 features include:
• Tri-Beam technology that measures Specular component included and excluded for gloss assessment.
• Multiple areas of view in both reflectance and transmittance.
• Self-adjusting, dual zoom lens that eliminates configuration errors between aperture plates and lens position.
• Video preview or sample drop door for measurement accuracy and targeting purposes.
• Automated ultra violet adjustment when measuring fluorescent or optically brightened samples.
• USB and RS-232 interfaces that eliminate connectivity issues.
• Built-in user selectable profiles for CE- 7000 series and CE-3100 instruments.
• Clear status panel display with dual remote read buttons for standard and sample measurements and warning indicators for calibration interval.
• Dampened sample arm holder that prevents sample damage.
• Supports Embedded NetProfiler.

Includes wooden enclosure.
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