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60mm Nokia/Niehoff Tandem Wire Insulating Line w/ 350 mm multipass capstan,.

Product Code:EXPL362

Manufacturer:Nokia Maillefer SA

Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina

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60mm Nokia/Niehoff Tandem Wire Insulating Line

Year of Manufacture: 1998
Line Direction: Right to Left

Niehoff Wire Drawing Machine with Annealer
Model: MT200.4.1.L.2617
Serial Number: 10.50.500
Year of Manufacture: 1998
For Cu. Wire (Soft / Hard)
Maximum Number of Drafts: 17
Wire Elongation draft (%): 26
Maximum Line Speed: 40 meters per second / 7,800 FPM
Maximum Entry size: 2.9mmm - 2.6mm (9 - 10 AWG)
Finish Diameter Range: 0.90mm - 0.30mm (19 - 28 AWG)
Electrics: 460V / 50,60 Hz/ 3 Phase

60mm Nokia Maillefer 24:1 L/D Extruder
Model: 60-24D
Year of Manufacture: 1998
Electrically heated, blower cooled
DC Motor
Termperature and drive control panel
Dual Plasticolor Colormeter
Hopper Loader

Nokia Maillefer Mobil Trough with Hot Water Re-circulation Tank
Replacement Front end and Hot Water tank

350mm Nokia Maillefer Multipass Capstan, Model OV4/350
Year of Manufacture: 1998

630 mm Nokia Maillefer Dual Shaftless Parallel Axis Take up-SOLD

Model: EKP-63
Type: EKP-63-173
Year of Manufacture: 1997 
Shaftless design
Fully Automatic Crossover
Sound Proof Enclosure
Safety Locks and Switches
Wire Diameter Range: 0.3mm - 1.8mm
Diameter over insulation: 0.5mm - 4.0mm
Speed range: 80 - 2500 meters per minute
Reel Flange Diameter: 400 - 560 - 630mm
Min. Barrel Diameter: 200mm
Max Reel width: 475mm
Max Reel weight: 350 Kg
Power Supply: 35kVA
Siemens Drives and Siemens PLC
Designed for 560 mm reels, even though model is EKP63

Model EKP63 / A2-173
Year of Manufacture 1997
400V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 40 Amp
Currently listed with EXPL362 line (4/27/15)

Note: EKP 50 500 mm, EKP 100  1000mm, EKP 800  800 mm Nokia /Nextrom Dual Take ups can be quoted separately.
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