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Latest Acquisitions

2.5" Jennings PTFE Ram extruder, Model 8108, 50 Ton Hydraulic, 108" stroke,Year 2005 24" Heated capstan, Vertical Oven system, Pay off, Take up, Preform press w/elevator, tooling

Product Code:EXP1313


Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina

Skaltek 2.2m/2m Rewind Line w/ A22-4K Pay off, U20-T take Up,TS-20 Guide, CM Line controls

Product Code:RWD602


Location: Bonham, Texas

2"/50 mm Calmec interlock armoring line w/ caterpuller, portal pay off/take up, AC drives

Product Code:MSC2487


Location: Bonham, Texas

4" Ceeco Armoring Machine with Ceeco Belt Caterpuller, AC vector motors

Product Code:MSC2482

Manufacturer:Ceeco Bartell

Location: Attleboro, Massachusetts



Machinery Can Be Purchased...

  • As-is" for immediate delivery from one of our eight North American facilities.
  • Test run & inspected for Operability
  • Cleaned & Painted
If you don't see the machine you are looking for, please contact us with your specifications and we will use all of our resources to help locate a match.
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