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Latest Acquisitions

Rosendahl Gas Injection Line, Year 2009 w/45 mm 36:1,30 mm 24:1,18mm vertical H.Temp Extruders, 630 mm Driven payoff w/ dancer, Beta preheater, Loaders/colormeters, cooling trough, 300 mm multi pass capstan, Sikora Diameter gages, Centerscan, Capac. Monitor,sparker, Rosendahl 1 meter DSL-1001 Dual Take up w/ vert. Accumulator.

Product Code:EXPL437

Manufacturer:Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH


30" Dynamex S.Twist Cabling Line, Model STC-30TRW, 800 rpm, AC Motor w/ (2) 14" Conc. Tapers, (2) 24" Dual Driven Payoff. Yr 1992

Product Code:CBR1316

Manufacturer:Dynamex Corporation


EJR Dual Head Conc. Taping Line, Model 200E-DHTw/ 20"Belt cat, 30" Traversing Take up. (2) pay offs(Qty 3)

Product Code:TPR388

Manufacturer:EJR Engineering and Machine


NanYang 16C Wire Braiders, Model GSB1A, 150 rpm (Qty 32) Installed, Yr 2008

Product Code:BRD501

Manufacturer:Shanghai Nanyang Equipment Co. Inc.


35 mm/ 25 mm 24:1 NEW Hi Temp Dongguan Line w/ 500 mm driven pay off,preheater, 300 mm belt wrap cap, 24" dual shaft Takeup. 400mm Automatic Dual Reel Takeup with Bobbin Feed

Product Code:EXPL439

Manufacturer:Dongguan Qing Feng Electrical Machine




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